1 Reflections on supporting Educational Development in Ukraine – Facing the educational challenges of war
Gwen van der Velden

5 Students’ values regarding the use of AI in higher education: A co-creation project that explores challenges and opportunities
Gustavo Espinoza-Ramos, Rachel Lander, Kamala Balu, Zarah Mohmed, Maharshi-Tejas Vyas and Harpreet Singh Mann

9 A personalised approach to initial professional development: The Needs Analysis at UWE Bristol
Shaun Mudd

13 Reflections on ‘losing’ an institutional partnership
Bill Guariento and Caroline Burns

15 Co-designing a module with students and staff from different universities, time zones and cultures
Katalin Hanniker, S. Alireza Behnejad, Irina Niculescu, Phil Wicks and Ramsha Saleem

19 Talking to White people about race: Conversations about structural advantage
Alison Purvis, Lindy-Ann Blaize Alfred and Amanda West

22 A holistic approach to building a community of learners: Implementing and reflecting on shared responsibility and building meaningful relationships in the classroom
Tilly Paz

25 The English Academic Professional Apprenticeship: How it started…how it’s going
Elizabeth Cleaver

28 SEDA News