Page 1: Developing the University in Turbulent Times 
Ronald Barnett

Page 5: After the White Paper 
James Wisdom

Page 8: The case for Programme-Focused Assessment 
Peter Hartley and Ruth Whitfield

 Page 12: The TESTA project: research inspiring change 
Tansy Jessop, Yaz El-Hakim and Graham Gibbs

Page 16: Book Review

Page 17: Postgraduates who teach: in their own voices 
Debbie McVitty

Page 18: New to the field: Integrating the student voice in the PG Cert 
Jo Peat

Page 20: Transforming Learning@UWS – A Manifesto for Learning in the Real World 
David Ross

Page 24: Book Review

Page 24: Disseminating what? 
Ailhlin Clark

Page 28: Twitter, SEDA and the November 2011 Conference 
Sue Beckinghams

Page: 28: SEDA News