Page 1: Can Academic Practice Make Perfect? 
Professor Rob Cuthbert

Page 5: SEDA Values – The Jewel in the Crown 
Tony Brand

Page 7: Responding to Change in Higher Education 
Lynnette Matthews

Page 8: ‘It wasn’t me, guv!’ 
Bob Rotherham

Page 10: A Personal Journey of Academic Development 
Richard Hill AFSEDA

Page 13: Book Review

Page 14: Changing Educational Development: whose values? whose agendas? whose future? 
Julie Hall

Page 15: Exploring the Labyrinth 
Jan Sellers

Page 17: Librarians and Academics – Partners in Learning and Teaching 
Sue McKnight

Page 20: A liminal space about liminal spaces 
Caroline Baillie

Page 23: ePioneers: Taking ownership of e-learning 
Rachel Scudamore and Elaine Arici