SEDA has two awards aligned to the UKPSF:

  • Supporting Learning has been mapped to Descriptor 1 (D1)
  • Learning, Teaching and Assessing to Descriptor 2 (D2)

Please note that this alignment and its recording are quite separate from the use of the UKPSF made by the HE Academy to accredit programmes to award fellowships of the HEA.

However, these awards can be included in the Key Information Sets collected by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) as follows:

‘01 Successfully completed an institutional provision in teaching in the higher education sector accredited against the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). This includes courses accredited by SEDA against its Named Awards that are aligned against the UKPSF (Supporting Learning; Learning, Teaching and Assessing)’

The wording of some of the outcomes of these two SEDA awards has been adjusted during this alignment process. New accreditations will use the revised outcomes and currently accredited programmes will use them at their next periodic review.

For information about this alignment process see the final approved alignment document .

You might also be interested in the following: Pilkington, R. 2007, SEDA PDF- A tool for supporting and structuring continuing professional development frameworks, SEDA Special 21

In addition, here is a guidance document on how some other PDF named awards may support development of UKPSF Descriptor 3.