Page 1: Beyond celebration: Student engagement’s coming of age 
Liam Jarnecki, with Debbie McVitty

Page 5: The UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) – Implications for educational developers 
Julie Hall

Page 6: Of pot plants, dreams and toxic hairballs: Some thoughts on mindful self-nurture 
Neill Thew

Page 9: Modelling a future for educational development: A ‘crafty’ approach 
Marcella Kean, Tom Duff and Claire Mackie

Page 13: ‘Working and developing learning communities’: SEDA Value Number 3 
Debbie McVitty

Page 14: Flexible, accessible professional development:Try bite sized! 
Colin Gray

Page 17: An enhanced approach to peer observation of teaching 
Helen Vosper, Alyson Brown and Ruth Edwards

Page 21: The International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED) 
Kristine Mason O’Connor

Page 22: Feedback in assessment – What’s the problem? 
David Ross and Iain Shephaerd

Page 26: How can we facilitate developing scholarly writing? 
Dr Pam Parker

Page 28: SEDA News

The full issue will be available online 12 months after publication�