Page 1: Extending and reinforcing good practice in teacher development: An Erasmus+ funded project. 
Vicky Davies and Roisín Curran 

Page 4: Student-staff partnership in educational development: A source of hope in dark times. 
Leoarna Mathias and John Peters 

Page 7: The experience of being a student partner in educational development projects. 
Aaisha Akhtar 

Page 9: Gonzo assessments: Equalising the inequality in assessment design. 
Nick Botfield and Dr David Mathew 

Page 13: Engagement, partnership, and collaboration in Higher Education. 
Glenn Fosbraey 

Page 16: In defence of higher education teaching qualifications: Reflections on studying for the degree of MA in Academic Practice, ten years on 
Christopher Wiley 

Page 18: Triggers to reflection. Peter Gossman 20 SEDA Conference Spring 2018: Understanding and improving the student experience: Making a real difference in the new age of metrics. 
Dr Jenny Lawrence 

Page 22: Waving not drowning: Reflections from an in-house journal. 
Virendra Mistry 

Page 25: 21 indicators of Student Success − Exploring a new sector priority in an age of student outcomes. 
Tom Lowe and Maria Moxey 

Page 28: SEDA News

The full issue will be available online 12 months after publication.