Page 1: Creativity in higher education: what’s the problem? 
Norman Jackson

Page 5: Flexible learning needs flexible buildings 
Helen Gale

Page 9: Professional standards: reflections from a cross-cultural perspective 
Gordon Joughlin

Page 10: Doctoral Level Study: options for educational developers in the 21st century 
Nicky Torrance

Page 12: Teaching HE in FE: whose Professional Teaching Standards? 
Fran Beaton

Page 13: Supporting part-time and other teaching staff 
Bland Tomkinson

Page 15: Building Bridges 
Mark Atlay

Page 17: Assessment Standards Knowledge exchange – the Oxford Brookes CETL 
Rebecca Bryant

Page 19: Towards Inclusive Assessment 
Caroline Jackson

Page 22: Challenging the Orthodoxies – alternative approaches to educational research 
Julie Hall

Page 23: Book Review

Page 24: Welcome to the world of the ACU! 
John Kirkland