Page 1: Ten years of technology in education: what have we really learned? 
Helen Beetham

Page 6: Digital Literacy and Fluency; SEDA initiatives supporting an enlightened approach to Academic Development in the field 
David Baume

Page 11: Appreciatively Inquiring into the Internationalised Curriculum – A model for CPD 
Viv Caruana

Page 16: Book Review

Page 17: The HEAR is here: but how can we make it work for our institution and our graduates? 
Lysandre de la Hay and Elizabeth Cleaver

 Page 22: What Now for Student-Led Teaching Awards? 
Oliver Williams

Page 23: ‘How do you know if anyone is there?’ Questions from teachers new to virtual classrooms 
Sarah Cornelius and Darren Gash

Page 26: New PDF Award: Leading Programmes 
Jenny Eland

Page 26: Book Review

Page 28: SEDA@20: a year of Celebrations 
Sally Brown and Liz Shrives

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