Page 1 Opportunities without CERTainty: Life beyond the PGCert
Ruth Whitfield

Page 6 Using Loop Input for effective blended learning on an academic practice programme
Angela Buckingham and Clare McCullagh

Page 10 Pioneering a new career pathway in education and scholarship
Susan Smith and David Walker

Page 14 A tale of three cities – Transfer of learning from CPD workshop to workplace
Jordan Napier, Susie Schofield, Mandy Moffat, Harm Peters and Asta Bryndis Schram

Page 16 Enhancing student induction through student staff partnership in a time of COVID-19
Leoarna Mathias, Daniel Arnold and John Peters

Page 20 Academic integrity of international students: Investigation in the era of ‘The Presumption of Innocence’
Xin Zhao and Michael Kung

Page 21 Authenticity: From a popular buzzword to a meaningful concept
lain Cross and Alina Congreve

Page 27 Copyright literacy, open practice and the role of academic development
Chris Morrison and Jane Seeker