Page 1: The SEDA Fellowship and Associate Fellowship 
Dr Helen King, GEES LTSN Subject Centre

Page 4: Embedding Learning Technologies: Lessons for academic developers 
Helen Beetham, Independent Consultant

Page 7: Some thoughts on Scholarship 
Lewis Elton, University College London

Page 8: SEDA-PDF – Update 
Anthony Brand, University of Hertfordshire

Page 9: Constructivist Principles and Conditions for Learning: Scaffolding Curriculum Design 
Mark Schofield, Edge Hill University College

Page 16: The Move to Terms: The Implications for Educational Developers 
James Wisdom, Independent Consultant

Page 19: Review of research assessment: SEDA’s response to the UK Funding Council’s Consultation 
Ranald Macdonald FSEDA, Chair SEDA Research Committee

Page 21: Hanging on in there a long way from home: retention and support for the learning success of international postgraduates 
Gina Wisker FSEDA, Anglia Polytechnic University

Page 24: Linking Teaching and Research Through Research-Based Learning 
Paul Blackmore and Glynis Cousin FSEDA, University of Warwick

Page 28: VLE’s – Don’t Panic! 
Stephen Bostock FSEDA, Keel University