Page 1:  Developing a Dissemination Strategy 
Martyn Stewart & Sue Thompson

Page 6:  Editorial: e-learning and reflective judgement 
Stephen Bostock FSEDA

Page 6:  Researching Foundation Degrees: turning research into practice 
Peter Beaney 

Page 11:  The right to resist 
David Storey

Page 12:  The Scottish Quality Enhancement Framework 
Bob Matthew

Page 15:  Professional Dialogue: an innovative inclusion in staff development 
Anne Stevenson 

Page 17: A systematic approach for staff and educational developers who would like evidence to inform their practice 
Peter Kahn FSEDA and Ranald Macdonald FSEDA

Page 21:  Interview with Rob Ward, Director of the Centre for Recording Achievement 
Steve Outram

Page 23:  A Personal Reflection: on standards, frameworks and the individual 
Andrew Honeybone

Page 25: Professional Standards – models and issues 
Mike Tribe FlBiol

Page 27:  Teaching and Research: The Tables Turned 
Helen Sword