Page 1 Supporting staff to meet increasing challenges in higher and further education. 
Julie Hall 

Page 4 To review or not to review? Is that the question? 
W. Alan Wright 

Page 7 ‘Excited’ yet ‘paralysing’: The highs and lows of the feedback process 
Emma Medland 

Page 10 Expectancies and impression  management: Evidence-informed guidelines for lecturers. 
John Batten and Dr Andrew Manley 

Page 13 Case study on posters and group work: Diversifying assessment on an MA in Academic Practice. 
Ruth Windscheffel 

Page 18 Drama for teaching and working in academia – Using stagecraft to develop academics and their teaching practice in Higher Education. 
Dr Maren Thom 

Page 23 Collaborative creativity as pedagogic practice. 
Rebecca Thomas 

Page 24 Developing a systematic whole School approach to inclusive practice through Universal Design for Learning.
Sean Bracken 

Page 27 Essentiality of humour in class. 
Mousir Khan 

Page 28 SEDA News