Page 1: Assessing international students – ‘TIS’ about trying to stop worrying about the worries… 
Jude Carroll

Page 3: ‘Please no exams!’ Assessment strategies for international students 
Rosalind Duhs

Page 7: What students want: feedback on assessment 
Alex Bols

Page 8: How can we do more with less? ‘Ideal University’ 
David Baume

Page 10: How can you do your research project with no new resources? 
Steve Outram

Page 14: Book review

Page 14: An interview with Julie Hall, SEDA Co-Chair 
Kristine Mason O’Connor

Page 16: Through a virtual glass darkly: probing time and type of first year departure using electronic engagement data 
John Buglear

Page 20: What is the Diploma in Teaching the LifelongLearning Sector? 
Chris Rowell

Page 21: Writing for assessment in practice-based courses: the experience of university teachers 
Mary R Lea and Sylvia Jones

Page 26: SEDA’s committee members shape future strategy Julie Hall

Page 27: Book review

Page 28: SEDA news