Page 1: Thinking with data 
Glynis Cousin

Page 4: Hearing the student voice: Enhancing academic professional development through the involvement of students 
Fiona Campbell

Page 8: Weighing pigs or handling Hansel? Making feedback fit for purpose 
Mark Huxham, Shirley Earl, Phyllis Laybourn, Norrie Brown, Sandra Cairncross and Morag Gray

Page 11: Conference Report: researching and evaluating PDP and e-portfolios 
Janet Strivens

Page 13: Supporting learning and teaching innovation and building research capacity using an e-portfolio at Wolverhampton University 
Barbara Maiden, Brian Penfold, Tracy McCoy, Linsey Duncan-Pitt and Julie Hughes

Page 16: Casting the Learning Net: the use of iPods in Learning and Teaching 
Lorraine Stefani

Page 19: The National Student Survey. Just another hurdle to justify our crust? 
Philip Sullivan

Page 22: Benchmarking e-learning – a beginner’s guide 
Stephen Bostock FSEDA

Page 23: The engCETL change journey: encouraging engagement with pedagogic research 
Sue Morón-García and Fiona Lamb

Page 26: The new SEDA PDF award in External Examining 
Stephen Bostock and Carol Maynard