Page 1 Continuing Professional Development: What do award-winning academics do? 
Helen King 

Page 5 A day in the life of a programme leader − The game  
Steve Outram 

Page 10 Challenging assumptions of experiential and active learning for first year and upper year students… 
Robyne Hanley-Dafoe and Gillian Balfour 

Page 14 Engaging learners in learning in Higher Education 
Nicola Clarke and Karen McGrath 

Page 18 Challenges of introducing a new inter-institutional peer observation of teaching scheme 
Catherine Bovill and Catriona Cunningham 

Page 20 Implementing a principled, strategic and enhancement-led… 
John Dermo 

Page 23 A dialogic collaborative approach to developing academic literacy among postgraduate students 
Jamie Murphy, Namrata Rao, Joseph Maslen and Alex Owen 

Page 26 Who does well when assessed reflectively? 
Stephen Powell and Peter Gossman