Page 1: Risky business 
Richard Hill

Page 3: Developing pedagogic research in Scotland 
Dr Lorraine Walsh and Dr Darren Comber

Page 5: What students want: impact of Browne 
Alex Bols

Page 6: Digital voices – making stronger connections with the recorded voice 
Andrew Middleton

Page 9: Refreshing PG Certs for changing times 
Fran Beaton

Page 10: Reflections on the 15th Annual SEDA Conference 2010 
Charles Buckley

Page 11: Educational development for the 21st century 
Glynis Cousin

Page 13: Book review

Page 14: Constructive re-alignment? UK educational development from the outside 
David A Green

Page 16: Making the case for leadership and management development 
Steve Barrow and Margaret Crawford

Page 20: ‘Supporting Students’: a professional development programme 
Giles Polglase

Page 22: SEDA list archives: reflections on our community 
Anne Oxley

Page 24: ‘To defer or not to defer’…why it may not be the question 
Helen Gale

Page 26: Book review

Page 27: Sheffield Hallam lanuches the ‘Change as Usual Network’ 
Dr Abbi Flint

Page 28: SEDA news