SEDA Research and Evaluation Small Grants

These SEDA small grants are to support research and evaluation in staff and educational development with the goal of continued improvement in the quality and understanding of educational development practices.


SEDA individual members, or staff working in institutions that hold institutional SEDA membership. Applicants do not have to be based in an Educational Development (or similar) Unit.


£1000 for research into educational development practices. Up to a maximum of five grants will be awarded, one of which will be reserved for a ‘developing researcher’ (with limited track record in pedagogic research), in order to encourage capacity-building. All proposals should involve collaboration either within or beyond the institution.


Applications for the 2024 grants are now open. The closing date for applications is 12.00 noon on Monday 26th February 2024. Applicants will be notified of the results in April 2024 and projects should be completed by August 2025.


See Application Process 2024 for details of how to apply.

What is the purpose of the grant?

The small grants are to support evaluation or research (including action research) into educational development practice.  Projects should either lead directly to improvements in educational development practice or increase our understanding of educational development in higher education.  

There are no specific themes for this call. Applicants might like to consider issues for educational development with regard to teaching qualifications and accreditation, technology-enhanced learning, HE in FE, or internationalisation. However, all applications will be considered on their merits.

Successful projects vary in nature and may initiate research into a development activity, involve evaluation of a development activity already implemented, or entail a more conceptual exploration of educational development practice (e.g. an empirical research project or a literature review). Previous projects can be viewed at: Grant Holders

What can the funds be used for?

The grant may be used to pay for time release, administrative support, equipment, travel or contribute towards attendance at a SEDA conference or other event to disseminate the outcomes (up to a maximum of £250). Whilst the sum awarded may seem small, experience suggests that recipients have welcomed the external recognition for the activity they want to carry out. They have also seen the money as providing a spring-board for further scholarly activities. Successful bidders are also allocated a mentor who can support their project.

What criteria will be used to evaluate the grants?

SEDA Research and Evaluation Grants are competitive bids and SEDA normally awards up to five projects annually. The bids are judged by the SEDA Research Committee against the extent to which they: 
a. Demonstrate awareness of, and build on, current research and literature in educational development, including SEDA grants (details of which are available here)
b. Entail appropriate and achievable methodology within the context and timescale of the project (including ethical implications where relevant)
c. Include a realistic project plan with timescale, deliverables and providing value for money 
d. Involve collaboration beyond the individual’s immediate setting
e. Identify clear implications for educational development beyond the individual’s immediate practice
f. Indicate any experience or an interest in pedagogic research and evaluation.
We will only fund one application per institution and we will not consider applications from individuals or project teams who have been funded in the previous year. Applicants will receive feedback against these criteria including the areas of strength in the proposal and those that could be improved.

Further information?

For further information concerning SEDA Research and Evaluation Grants, please contact the SEDA office (