Page 1 Critical deciding factors and contributors which influence student perceptions around fair assessmen
Linda Marron 

Page 7 Why educational development needs a narrative 
Graham Holden 

Page 8 Expanding the conventional writing genres: A matter of equity and inclusion 
Mick Healey, Alison Cook-Sather and Kelly E. Mathews 

Page 11 Interview with Professor Mick Healey and Dr Ruth Healey 
Peter Gossman 

Page 15 Recalled ideas from PGCerts: A survey of participants 
Peter Gossman, Jane Tidd, John Bostock, Rachel Forsyth, Claire Moscrop and Stephen Powell 

Page 19 Leading accelerated educational development 
Claire Taylor, Colin Heron, Sue Horder, Caroline Hughes, Alicia Owen, and Neil Pickles 

Page 22 Addressing inclusive teaching and learning environments using immersive academic workshops 
Chris Little, Abigail Pearson and Karl Gimblett 

Page 23 Is academic development dead? 
Sherre Roy