The SEDA blog

The SEDA Blog has been active since 2014, with a page of good ideas about how to contribute effectively.

Online Publications

On occasions, SEDA publishes open-access, on-line texts which can be directly downloaded from its web site. Usually, the articles or chapters are each published in the first instance on the SEDA Blog and assembled as a complete text on the web site.

Graham Gibbs’  ‘53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About‘, are a set of texts, each downloadable as a PDF. Gabriela Pleschová and Agnes Simon ‘Early Career Academics’ Reflections On Learning To Teach In Central Europe’ is the book which was created by the participants on an Erasmus+ project based in Bratislava and Brno.Sally Brown and Kay Sambell’s paper for SEDA – Changing assessment for good: A major opportunity for educational developers – is part of a sequence of papers relating to the impact of Covid19 on higher education, especially on how to handle the issue of assessment, both during the emergency and in the longer run. The full set of papers is available on the Covid-19 Assessment Collection