Page 1 Survivor’s guilt and COVID: Teaching in higher education in the time of a pandemic
Jo Peat

Page 4 Student groups: In search of the new normal
Peter Hartley, Mark Dawson and Sue Beckingham

Page 9 Active, inclusive and immersive: Using Course Design Intensives with course teams to rethink the curriculum across an institution
Andrew Middleton, Simon Pratt-Adams and Julian Priddle

Page 13 Developing online learning through the pandemic: Digitally enabled approaches to student and staff peer support within a distributed university
Alexandra Walker and Keith Smyth

Page 20 Talking about disability or ticking the box? A study of Equality and Diversity training in UK Higher Education
Martha Kember

Page 25 Supporting student mental health and wellbeing with Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Kevin L. Merry

Page 30 Who are we reading and listening to? A reflection on the most recent edited collection on Student Engagement in Educational Developments
Yaz El Hakim and Tom Lowe

Page 32 SEDA News