Page 1: Senior Fellowship of SEDA: Strengthening provision, strengthening community 
Marita Grimwood and Sarah Wilson-Medhurst

Page 3: Educational Development and me: Stephanie Marshall 
Dr Claire Taylor

Page 4: Enhancement-led curricular and pedagogic design: a tale of two institutions 
Elizabeth Cleaver, Rachel Cowie and Derek Wills

Page 9: ‘Bansosha’ (guide runner) as a metaphor to suggest a professional development model for third space professionals 
Machi Sato and Kiiko Katsuno

Page 11: Developing an e-learning module for personal tutors 
Elaine Fisher

Page 14: Developing cross-disciplinary education by facilitating collaboration within and between diverse teams 
Mark Gardner

Page 18: Academic staff as advocates for a teaching recognition framework in a research-intensive university: What was their experience? 
Ian Willis and Janis Davidson

Page 21: Fifteen ideas for making assessment and feedback more effective, efficient and manageable for us, and for students 
Phil Race

Page 24: Referencing: Student choice or student voice? 
Sarah George and Jennifer Rowland

Page 28: SEDA News