1 Atrocity exhibition: Crisis in Ukraine and its insights for educational developers
Virendra Mistry
5 The learning landscape: Reflections on an evolving terrain of complexity
Cathy Minett-Smith
8 Reimagining reflective practice: Personalising reflective practice to meet students’ needs
Paul McFlynn and Sammy Taggart
12 In defence of ‘knowledge’
Graham Gibbs
14 Promoting confident assessment
Rachel Forsyth
17 Effective virtual learning environments: The students’ perspective
Jesper Hansen, Abbi Shaw, Marta Ramio Comalat, and Nadia Golotchoglou
21 Student engagement: Reflections on the 2022 RAISE conference
Lia Blaj-Ward
23 White Water Writers: How research-based interventions can lead to real world change
Yvonne Skipper
26 Finding their voice: Embedding dialogue into the PgCert
Cameron Graham and Fiona Smart
28 SEDA News