Page 1: Internationalisation and the academic developer 
David Killick

Page 6: You’ve internationalised me, now support me… 
Jenny Eland and Sarah King

Page 9: So similar and yet so different: Five issues for academic developers in a New Zealand university 
Bernadette Knewstubb, Meegan Hall, Irina Elgort and Amanda Gilbert

Page 14: Is our academic practice transferable across cultural boundaries? 
Lorraine Stefani

Page 17: Enhancement through partnership: … 
Ellie Russell

Page 18: Half a million unsatisified graduates? Increasing scrutiny of the National Student Survey’s ‘overall’ question 
John Canning

Page 19: Back to front but successful: The ‘reverse’ drop-in 
Sally Burr

Page 21: Re-thinking belonging 
Nicholas Bowskill

Page 23: Introducing neuroeducational development 
Steve Outram

Page 28: SEDA News