Page 1: SEDA values – The jewels �in the crown? 
Sue Thompson and Jo Peat

Page 6: SEDA and HEA Fellowships – What’s the difference?
Sally Bradley and Stephen Bostock

Page 8: It’s all about ‘us’: Lessons learned from running an accredited CPD framework 
Dilly Fung

Page 11: Developing criteria and guidance for assessing teaching excellence 
Pam Parker

Page 14: When students won’t be partners: The problem of discipline in the higher education classroom 
Debbie McVity

Page 16: UKPSF: A vehicle for development or hierarchical ladder? 
Jo Peat

Page 19: ‘Not a means to an end but a genuinely rewarding process’ �
Sally Bradley

Page 21: TESTA in 2014: A way of thinking about assessment and feedback 
Tansy Jessop, Yassein El Hakim and Graham Gibbs

Page 24: Running a live online activity in a SEDA session: Reflections from presenters and participants �
Peter Lumsden

Page 28: SEDA News