The Toolkit offers evidence-based, practical wisdom, which the busy educational developer or programme leader can use when working with programme teams in programme-assessment reform (Morris and Goodyear, 2018), and in team (Moore, 2018) or organisational development (Senior, 2018).

It was edited and compiled by Dr Jenny Lawrence PFHEA, NTF, the University of Hull.

The Toolkit:

  • is a SEDA membership benefit
  • is hosted on the SEDA VLE, Canvas
  • includes a suite of resources which can be downloaded and adapted to suit your context and suitable for online / remote working
  • includes a PDF of the publication ’Supporting Programme Leaders and Programme Leadership’ (Lawrence and Ellis, 2018)
  • complements the SEDA Professional Development Framework award ‘Leading Programmes’

Resource 1: Organisational Development – Understanding and uncovering the components of programme leadership at your institution

Dr Rowena Senior SFHEA, Aston University

This workshop plan and worksheets offer educational developers, HE leaders and programme leaders a model for investigating the role and responsibilities of programme leadership in a specific institution. The resulting intelligence provides a context specific understanding of the developmental needs of programme leaders.

Resource 2: Programme Team Development – Mapping programme teams and professional relationships

Sarah Moore SFHEA, University of Sheffield

This workshop plan, worksheet and collection of relevant case studies is designed for educational developers working with programme leaders and their teams to identify and explore the roles and relationships that influence, enable and help programme leaders deliver a successful programme, identify ways to work with others in their own individual context and explore examples of productive working relationships.

Resource 3: Programme Development – Guidance for reforming programme assessment practice

Prof Carol Morris and Dr Alec Goodyear, Open University.

 This element offers guidance to educational developers or programme leaders wishing to start an inclusive cross-team dialogue about programme reform in assessment strategy. The ‘Assessment Dialogue Sheet’ can be used to either reform an existing assessment strategy or to develop a new strategy.

Access to the Programme Leader Toolkit

The kit is hosted on the SEDA VLE, Canvas. There are two ways to access the kit, depending on how you want to use it :

Downloading the Resources

Any SEDA member, including any employee of a member institution, may be added to the VLE as a ‘student’. They may then download the resources for use and distribution across their institution

To be added to the VLE as a student please contact the SEDA Office

Using the Toolkit as a VLE

If you would like to use the Toolkit as a VLE within your institution SEDA will provide ‘Teacher’ access to an institutional representative, who may then create an institutional group on the VLE and add programme leaders. Programme leaders may then access the kit directly from their remote workspace. There is no limit to the number of staff you can add to your Institutional Group. Partner institutions that have SEDA partner-membership may join your Institutional Group. We suggest the institutional representative who is given ’teacher’ access is an educational developer who can make the most of the various VLE functions.

To secure a PL Toolkit Teacher account email here with the name and email address of your nominated representative or ’Teacher’

We aim to create your Institutional Teacher account or add a nominated representative as a Student within a working week of your request. This may vary depending on demand.
We will track and evaluate the use of the PL Toolkit with a view to developing further resources as part of our institutional membership offer.