1 A retiring educational developer
4 Leisure, work and wellbeing: A new focus for educational developers
Petia Petrova, Kat Branch and Sam Elkington
6 An introduction to the Co:Lab Curriculum Design Process at the University of Brighton
Lucy Chilvers
10 Here be dragons: The challenges of balancing quality assurance demands and pedagogical needs
Laura West-Burnhan and Gaby Tobin
13 Innovative methods for positive institutional change: The Listening Rooms Project and student and staff ‘voice’
Helen J. Parkin and Emma Heron
19 Identity through integrated practice: Finding a place in the third space
Diane Nutt and Emily McIntosh
22 Embedding, but foregrounding academic skills development
Sarah Hack and Nayiri Keshishi
24 Literacies, fluencies and academic practices
David Baume
28 SEDA News