Page 1: Inspirational teachers abound in Higher Education: Just ask the students who they are! 
Sally Bradley

Page 3: Designing and Implementing an online PG cert TLHE 
Louisa Sheward and Lesley Hamilton

Page 6: The UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education 
Nigel Purcell

Page 11: The story of ‘teaching with emotional intelligence’ 
Alan Mortiboys

Page 14: Book Review

Page 15: Coping with students’ expectations in the 2012 regime 
Debbie McVitty

Page 17: Employing the 3E Framework to underpin institutional practice in the active use of technology 
Keith Smyth and Stephen Bruce

Page 21: Technology, Feedback, Action! The potential of technology-enabled feedback 
Stuart Hepplestone and Helen J. Parkin

Page 28: Assessment equivalence frameworks: to be or not to be? 
Pollyanna Magne

Page 28: SEDA News