Page 1: Developing Pedagogic Research 
David Baume FSEDA and Liz Beaty FSEDA

Page 7: Opinion: Academics – employees from hell? 
Graham Badley

Page 8: Defining excellence in teaching and learning 
Penny Burden, Chris Bond and Julie Hall

Page 11: Progress within the Higher Education Learning Partnerships Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 
Mark Stone and Antonia Walker

Page 13: Using a Projects Day to showcase teaching and learning 
Sue Gill and Carol Summerside

Page 15: Work-based Learning and Workforce Development 
David Johnson

Page 18: Putting principles into practice: a change model for a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 
Liz McDowell

Page 20: Book Reviews

Page 24: Disability and e-learning 
Sue Harrison and Lawrie Phipps