Celia Popovic and John Lea with SEDA Co-Chairs, Jo Peat and Clara Davies, receiving their Roll of Honour certificates at the 2018 Annual Conference

Individuals, who have made an exceptional contribution to the work of SEDA, or to staff and educational development generally, may be awarded a place on the SEDA Roll of Honour.

Those currently on the Roll of Honour are: 

  • Carole Baume
  • David Baume SFSEDA
  • Dr Liz Beaty
  • Joyce Bell (formerly Barlow)
  • Jill Brookes
  • Professor Sally Brown SFSEDA 
  • Dr John Cowan 
  • Stephen Cox 
  • Professor Patricia Cryer
  • Professor Diana Eastcott 
  • Arnold Goldman
  • Professor Henry Ellington
  • Professor Lewis Elton
  • Professor Bob Farmer
  • Professor Graham Gibbs
  • Professor Julie Hall SFSEDA
  • Trevor Habeshaw
  • David Jacques
  • Professor Ray Land
  • Mike Laycock
  • John Lea SFSEDA
  • Professor Ranald Macdonald
  • Dr Celia Popovic SFSEDA
  • Professor Phil Race
  • Liz Shrives SFSEDA
  • Brenda Smith
  • Dr Brian Smith
  • Joanna Tait
  • James Wisdom

Process for nomination to the SEDA Roll of Honour