Page 1: How is it for us? Living with Quality Enhancement Strategies in Scottish HE – a View from Educational Developers 
David Ross, Lorraine Walsh, Darren Comber, Ginny Saich, Ray Land and Colin Mason

Page 6: Assessing ‘wicked’ competences 
Anna Page and Peter Knight

Page 9: How will they ever learn? 
Rachael Carkett, Sue Burkill, Debby Cotton, Arlene Franklyn-Stokes, John Hilsdon and Terri Rees

Page 13: Becoming a Professional Educator: induction of newly appointed lecturers in teacher and nurse education 
Peter Boyd and Liz Lawley

Page 15: Tackling racism, whiteness and Eurocentrism in learning and teaching 
Ian Law

Page 18: Teaching methods for active student participation in a Rocks and Minerals Practical 
Fraukje M. Brouwer and Silke Wehr

Page 21: So what’s the problem with eating your greens? 
Jacqueline Tuson

Page 25: International Institute for New Faculty Developers – Ottawa, June 2007 
Celia Popovic