Page 1: Developing and Accrediting the Developers 
David Baume and Ruth Pilkington

Page 5: Professional Development in Post-Compulsory Education and the SEDA Professional Development Framework 
John Doidge and Tony Churchill

Page 7: Benchmarking EDUs: Reflections on a research study 
Jo Tait and Tony Brand

Page 10: Early experiences at the Blended Learning Unit 
Jon Altree

Page 11: Implementing CETL Plans at the University of Oxford 
Keith Trigwell

Page 13: Preventing Plagiarism 
Lorraine Stephani FSEDA and Graham Alsop

Page 15: Grasping the NETTLE 
Paul Riddy

Page 17: Graduate Teaching Assistants 
Andrew Castley

Page 19: e-Developing for Educational: using a SEDA Embedding Learning Technology Award to develop learning technology staff 
Gwyneth Hughes

Page 21: SEDA Summer School 2005: Personal Reflections 
Indra Jones

Page 22: SEDA Advisory Group

Page 22: Book Reviews