Page 1: SEDA Fellowship, triads and Continuing Professional Development 
Marita Grimwood 

Page 5: Students engaging in the community 
Colin Bryson and Katie Pipe

Page 9: Educational values: Looking for Marianne 
Charles Neame

Page 13: Visioning the Digital University – From institutional strategy to academic practice 
Keith Smyth, Sheila MacNeill and Bill Johnston

Page 18: Engaging with e-students 
Ellie Russell

Page 20: iFeedback – Exploring staff experience of using GradeMark on the Turnitin iPad app 
Catherine Wasiuk

Page 22: Shaping a contemporary undergraduate employability programme in Sport: Influences, design and impact 
Richard Cheetham

Page 26: Sisyphus had it easy 
Kieran Kelly

Page 28: SEDA News

The full issue will be available online 12 months after publication