Page 1: Five Birthday Challenges for SEDA 
Julie Hall

Page 5: Developing SEDA’s Professional Development Framework 
Stephen Bostock

Page 8: Using SEDA PDF to support researcher development 
Lynnette Matthews

Page 9: Hearing Voices and Seeing Visions 
John Peters

Page 11: Student Researchers as Educational Developers: Our Journey 
Caroline Tutton and Elle Snell

Page 13: Contexts and concerns influencing the rise (and fall?) of the educational developer 
Elizabeth Rider-Grant

Page 15: An open peer observation experiment within a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice 
Chrissi Nerantzi

Page 19: Can somebody please pass the calculator? Measuring student engagement 
Debbie McVitty

Page 20: Book Review

Page 21: The Good Teaching Project 
Dr Jaki Lilly, Dr Berenice Rivera-Macias and Mark Warnes

Page 26: New Members of the Editorial Developments Committee

Page 27: The International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED)

Page 28: SEDA News

The full issue will be availble online 12 months after publication.