Page 1: HEDFCE selects SEDA to help accelerate the growth of the Learning Gain community Yaz El Hakim

Page 5: A parlour game of pedagogic priorities 
Sam Ellis

Page 8: Once upon a time: Designing a narrative-inspired curriculum for a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education 
Elizabeth Lovegrove, Neil Currant and Mary Kitchener

Page 13: Exploring connections between teaching excellence and digital fluency in tutors’ conceptions of their own practice:.. 
Christine Smith and Simon Lygo-Baker

Page 16: When pedagogy collides with physical reality: The (re)design of teaching rooms… 
Gunter Saunders, Federica Oradini and Peter Hartley

Page 20: Migrant academics and their academic development training needs 
Anesa Hosein and Namrata Rao

Page 23: A democracy of loud voices: How equitable are group discussions? 
Chris Mitchell

Page 28: SEDA News