Page 1: How Does Academic Development Make a Difference in the 21st Century University? 
Lorraine Stefani

Page 6: Come and walk with me? I will take you by the hand. I see you dancing! 
Sarah Hall and Julie Hall

Page 9: The personal tutor system: any questions? 
Debbie McVitty

Page 11: The Future of CPD for Professional Staff – the Association of University Administrators’ CPD Framework 
Jane Shine and Alison Robinson Canham

Page 15: The SEDA May Conference in Edinburgh 
Celia Popovic and Fiona Campbell

Page 16: Please do not defer…A personal reflection of participation on the PGCLT (HE) 
Paula Stone

Page 19: Book Review

Page 20: International community volunteering: Re-visiting Kolb in search of the authentic learning experience 
Viv Caruana

Page 23: Open Educational Resources and Practices for All 
Chrissi Nerantzi

Page 25: The Changing Face of Feedback – how staff are using media-enhanced feedback 
Andrew Middleton

Page 28: Book Review

Page 28: SEDA News