Proposals for SEDA Papers and Specials

SEDA publishes for staff and educational developers. It also publishes for a range of colleagues who have staff and educational development responsibilities in their work. It is particularly interested in publishing material which supports improvement in the quality of student learning.

SEDA Papers can be no more than 50,000 words (120 pages). They are usually by multiple authors. In recent years they have been published very rarely.

SEDA Specials can be no more than 20,000 words (48 pages). They will address themes of particular contemporary interest, and can be published relatively quickly. They can be single-authored or edited collections.

Potential titles and themes of Papers and Specials can be suggested to Becky Turner, Chair of SEDA Papers committee, or via theĀ SEDA Office. Members of the Papers Committee will be happy to discuss potential proposals by email or over the phone. When you are ready to submit your ideas formally, the information must be supplied in theĀ initial proposals proforma.

More details of the SEDA Papers Committee can be accessed here

SEDA Papers and Specials: Guidelines for Authors