Page 1: Investigating educational developer’s perceptions of assessment literacy 
John Dermo

Page 5: Take Two – UK and Canada: SEDA – A personal perspective from an overseas member 
Alan Wright

Page 8: The pedagogy of partnership: Six principles of action 
John Peters

Page 10: Diversity and inclusion: A challenge to university leadership 
Lorraine Stefani

Page 13: Lessons learnt: Blended approaches to academic writing 
Sylvie Lomer and Elizabeth Palmer

Page 18: We are where we are: Learning through walking, talking and interacting with place 
Fiona Smart and Fiona Campbell

Page 23: ‘Social media on trial’: Using technology to enhance inter-disciplinarity and practice experience in higher education 
Denise Turner

Page 25: From a conversation: The what, why and how of Postgraduate Certificates in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 
Peter Gossman

Page 28 SEDA News

The full issue will be available online 12 months after publication.