Page 1: The Higher Education Debate: Implications for Educational Developers 
James Wisdom

Page 5: Open Educational Resources: the implications for educational development 
David Cormier

Page 8: Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Reflections from a VC 
R. Michael Pittilo

Page 11: One educational developer’s role in managing and facilitating change: replacing peer observation of teaching with peer-assisted reflection 
Claire Taylor

Page 15: Examining the Examiners 
Stephen Bostock, Anthony Brand and Ruth Pilkington

Page 18: Embedding sustainability into the curriculum: our greatest challenge or a subversive litany? 
Alison Britton

Page 22: Improving University Teaching: navigating innovations in teaching and learning 
Fran Beaton and Bland Tomkinson

Page 23: Book Review

Page 24: Obituary – Brian Smith

Page 24: Learning and Teaching Fellowships within Communities of Practice: If we let them, will they grow? 
Jennie Jones