Page 1: Supporting Syrian academics to be agents for change: The role of UK universities 
Tom Parkinson, Sarah Brewer, Cath  Camps, Jon Turner, Kate Robertson,  Michael Jenkins, Karin Whiteside  and Tarek Zoubir 

Page 6: Thriving in the new age of metrics 
Claire Taylor 

Page 7: The Student Experience  Framework: Enhancing the student… 
Amy Kyte, Russell Lewis and Fiona Shelton

Page 10: Let the bandwagon pass: A role for  active learning in lectures 
Wendy Garnham 

Page 12: Leading educational change  initiatives – A practical 3-pronged  approach 
Jaki Lilly 

Page 14: Undergraduate student views  about assessment workload 
Julie Attenborough, Rachael-Anne  Knight and Pam Parker 

Page 16: Developing teaching practice with  Universal Design for Learning 
Dr Kevin L. Merry 

Page 19: Flipping heck! Can we get students  to engage in large group settings? 
Joanne Smailes 

Page 23: Internationalising the curriculum  in a Danish university… 
Donna Hurford and  Anne Skov Jensen 

Page 28: SEDA News