Page 1: Revisiting dissemination 
Steve Outram

Page 5: The Student Learning and Teaching Network 
Rebecca Freeman and Danny Wilding

Page 10: From Research to Recognition: mentoring for staff at Liverpool John Moores University 
Rach Boulter and Professor Diana Eastcott

Page 13: Book Reviews

Page 14: Connectivism: a network theory for teaching and learning in a connected world 
Frances Bell

Page 17: SEDA Conference perspectives 
Fiona Meddings and David White

Page 18: ‘Teaching Enhancement and Student Success’ 
Liz Shrives and John Hilsdon

Page 20: SEDA and the ‘Students and Universities’ Report 
James Wisdom

Page 21: Key Principles for Developing Graduates for the 21st Century 
Bill Johnston and Aileen Watson

Page 24: Designing and Implementing Student Support 
Ruth Lawton and Jenny Eland

Page 25: Learning from Internal Change Academy Processes 
Anne Oxley and Abbi Flint

Page 28: SEDA News