1 Where are they now? In their own words: The impact of taught PGCerts accredited by Advance HE on staff learning and teaching practice and progression
Chloe Courtenay and Claire Loffman

4 Hygieia unbound: Nursing education and the making of the NHS
Virendra Mistry

8 Teaching and WOKE – Suggested handrails for educators in HE
Louise Rickard

11 Reflections on the student-led business case competition in promoting students’ sustainability awareness
Lilian N. Schofield and Xue Zhou

15 The enduring power of three: Reflections on the benefits of the SEDA triad
Virna Rossi, Charlotte Stevens and Ann Tilbury

18 Universal Design and the emotional dimension of learning
Kevin L. Merry

22 Breaking out: Using Negotiated Ground Rules to ‘DRIVE’ forward student engagement in online breakout rooms
Baljeet Sidhu and Duncan Hindmarch

26 On questions asked about the keys to teaching excellence
Claire Goode

28 SEDA News