Page 1: ‘Fulfilling our potential: Teaching excellence, social mobility and student choice’ – SEDA’s response… 
Pam Parker and Yaz El Hakim

Page 5: The evaluation of an institutional UKPSF recognition scheme 
Hendrik van der Sluis, Penny Burden and Isabel Huet

Page 9: Enhancing scholarship in college higher education: Introducing the Scholarship Project 
John Lea

Page 13: Using Marx to discuss what we are doing when we do educational development… 
Julie Hall and Chris Rowell

Page 15: Promoting active learning through peer instruction and self-assessment… 
Fabio Arico

Page 18: Searching for new methods in curriculum development 
Gunter Saunders, Peter Hartley and Peter Chatterton

Page 25: The eye of the storm; A view from the eye 
Ian Murray

Page 27: TEF and student engagement: Transformation through free text comments? 
Ellie Russell

Page 28 SEDA News