Page 1: Writing in Today’s University 
Mary R. Lea

Page 4: Learning Styles Again: VARKing up the right tree! 
Neil Fleming and David Baume FSEDA

Page 7: What’s in your bag? How reflection on everyday practice can help us become more self-critical 
Gwyneth Hughes

Page 9: Being smart about assessment 
Len Hand and Jane McNeil

Page 12: SHNID: one way to peddle punctuation 
Susan Carter

Page 13: Developing a new policy for the peer review of teaching: a cross-institutional approach 
Clare Kell and Andy Lloyd.

Page 17: A Framework for the Professional Development of Academic Staff with Teaching Responsibilities 
Denis Berthiaume and Mary Morrison

Page 19: The Future for External Examining: a Higher Educaion Academy Project 
Howard Colley

Page 21: London Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 6th Annual International Conference 
Fran Beaton

Page 23: Report of SEDA Summer School 2006 
John Ford

Page 24: The Higher Education Academy and Educational Development 
Barry Jackson, Allan Davies and Steve Outram