Page 1: Academic Development and its Relationship to Teaching and the Student Learning Experience 
Lorraine Stefani, FSEDA

Page 5: Dissemination the sequel: propagating change? 
Sue Thompson and Martyn Stewart

Page 9: The role of educational developers in higher education’s contribution to sustainable development 
Kerry Shephard

Page 12: Book Review

Page 13: The Banquet for Jill Brookes 
Diana Eastcott

Page 14: Supporting New Academic Staff (SNAS): enhanced support for a disciplinary focus 
Sue Burkill and Yolande Knight

Page 16: Training graduate students to teach: an effective model 
Emma Williams and Liz Elvidge

Page 19: Engaging with Informal Networks in Higher Education 
Roger Ottewill, Paul Riddy and Karen Fill

Page 21: Staff and Educational Development Association

Page 23: Editorial 
Steve Outram

Page 24: Professional development in leading and managing educational change 
Peter Khan, FSEDA