Page 1: Creative Campus: Using creativity in educational development 
Louise Naylor and Jan Sellers

Page 5: College-based higher education and student research and inquiry… 
Mick Healey, Alan Jenkins and John Lea

Page 8: HE in FE: An MA Education module 
Peter Gossman, Sue Horder and John Luker�

Page 10: Student as Producer: Curriculum development, institutional change and reinventing ‘the idea of university’ as a radical political project 
Mike Neary

Page 13: Reflections on the development of a dynamic learning, teaching and assessment strategy 
Karen Strickland, Anastasia Dragona and Rowena Pelik�

Page 17: Staff: Enhancing teaching 
Pete Cannell and Alison Gilmour

Page 21: Ask not what your students’ union can do for you… 
Debbie McVitty

Page 22: SEDA News

Page 23: Letter from America 
Joelle Adams

Page 23: Developing Open University Associate Lecturers at a distance: Maximising opportunities 
Annie Eardley and Elke St John