Page 1: Continuing Professional Development in Higher Education: what do academics do? 
Dr Helen King AFSEDA

Page 6: Editorial 
Steve Outram

Page 6: Being strategic about employability 
Mantz Yorke & Peter Knight

Page 9: Talkin’ ‘bout my generation – advances in computer based assessment 
Dave O’Hare & Don Mackenzie

Page 13: Tip Sites for learning and teaching 
Graham Alsop & Lorraine Stefani FSEDA

Page 15: The Leadership Foundation – six months on 
Steve Outram

Page 17: What can we do to help academics start using e-learning? 
Martin Oliver

Page 19: SEDA Awards 2004

Page 20: On from SCEDSIP: a brief history of SEDA 
Trevor Habeshaw

Page 22: 53 Ways of Managing Resistance to Change 
Steve Outram