Page 1: From Peer Observation of Teaching to Review of Professional Practice (RPP): a model for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 
David Gosling and Kristine Mason O’Connor

Page 5: Developing and accrediting the developers: SEDA’s plans for national provision 
Peter Kahn FSEDA

Page 7: Can you recognise a good facilitator when you see one? 
Anne Lee

Page 11: Educational Development – How do we know it’s Working? How do we know how well we are Doing? 
Gina Wisker FSEDA

Page 18: Exploring the developmental impacts of completing a postgraduate certificate in learning and teaching 
Peter Stevenson and Anthony Brand

Page 19: The Long and Winding Road – a retrospective 
Anthony Brand

Page 21: The International Consortium for Educational Development 
2006 James Wisdom

Page 22: Book Review

Page 23: Let me tell you a story… 
Steve Outram

Page 28: Editorial 
Anthony Brand