Page 1: Developing tribes and territories 
Paul Blackmore

Page 5: The new Staff and Educational Development Award 
Helen King FSEDA

Page 5: Review of Higher Education Academy research and evaluation activities: three core areas of work 
Dr Andria Hanbury and Dr Mike Prosser

Page 7: Using an MP3 recorder to give feedback on student assignments 
Bob Rotheram

Page 12: Setting up online collaborative learning groups using Wiki technology – a tutors’ guide 
Martina A. Doolan

Page 15: Supporting reflective processes – insights from a review of research for practitioners, and for SEDA 
Peter Kahn

Page 17: Six of the best: priorities for continuing professional development (CPD) of academics 
Pat Gannon-Leary and Mike McCarthy

Page 24: 53 interesting ways to change higher education? 
James Wisdom