Page 1: SEDA and the ‘Students and Universities’ Inquiry 
James Wisdom

Page 5: Re-engineering assessment practices: A matrix for curriculum and institutional change 
David Nicol and Catherine Owen

Page 10: Eyes on! Hands on! Museums and collections for higher order learning 
Rosalind Duhs

Page 14: Technology Enhanced learning: a recent graduate’s view 
Habib Lodal

Page 15: Technology Enhanced learning: three tutors’ perspectives 
Dr Maurice Calvert, Dr Alec J. Grierson and Paul Scorer

Page 17: Stakeholders, Strategies and the Status Quo…evaluating the impact of the Educational Development Centre at a London University 
Bridget Middlemas and John Shaw

Page 21: Assessing learning from placements 
Pam Shakespeare

Page 24: ‘Dreams and Aspirations of what might be Achieved’: The Quality Enhancement Themes Conference 2009 
Dr Lorraine Walsh, Dr Darren Comber and Dr Iddo Oberski

Page 28: SEDA News