Page 1: Reflections on SEDA Spring Conference 2017: The quest for teaching excellence and learning gain: Issues, resolutions and possibilities 
Jenny Lawrence

Page 4: The growth of HEA Fellowship – Does this impact on an individual’s teaching practice and how can we demonstrate a change in the students’ experience? 
Kath Botham

Page 7: Student Engagement at Birmingham City University 
Sam Geary and Jamie Morris

Page 10: Understanding Chines students’ learning needs: Tips for supporting Chinese students in the UK 
Dr Xin Zhao (Skye) with Professor Sally Brown

Page 14: Pedagogic frailty and higher education 
Professor Ian Kinchin

Page 17: Wellbeing and the scholarship of teaching and learning: The case for a virtuous intersection for the educator 
Jenny Lawrence

Page 20: Getting someone in: The role of blended professionals in HE writing development 
Trevor Day and David Swinburne

Page 25: Institutional benefits of participating in funded projects – Roehampton’s role in the Erasmus Plus Project E+ INCLUSION 
Bridget Middlemas

Page 28: SEDA News